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November 27, 2022

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PMR Techs offers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of services, intellectual property and technology partners for the full lifecycle of your network. Our core business specializes in conception, design, consulting, deployment, management, and support of complex communications solutions. PMR TECHS is a “Total Network” Service Provider offering value driven design, project management, installation and customer support for the implementation of commercial and residential networks with over 20 years of in-house experience. Our experience in the design phase eliminates costly change orders during implementation.

PMR TECHS’s primary goal is to deliver superior services, to commercial and residential entities across the United States through our alliances and company certifications with industry leading manufacturers & service providers. These proven capabilities allow our team to supply video, voice, amenities and data solutions over state of the art infrastructure.

PMR TECHS is committed to a quality policy of continuous improvement in our ability to meet or exceed customer expectations It is our basic operating philosophy to concentrate on prevention of problems, making quality a way of life which results in satisfied customers. Quality must be defined in the customer’s terms, and listening is the only way to understand customer expectations. True quality measurements are indicators that reflect customer satisfaction. Conformance to clearly stated customer requirements which change over time is normal.

PMR TECHS’s commitment is not just a typical interaction between supplier and client, but as a value added business partner. Our business model is aligned in such way that we can assist the clients and partners to create internal value. Thus showing a visible ROI (return on investment), and lowering the TCO (total cost of ownership) for the business. Our team approaches business from a long term standpoint, and everything we do is geared toward this philosophy and culture. If you combine this with our commitment to customer service, this truly sets us apart from our competition.